The Song-Breznau House Healing 2018-04-23T22:23:52+00:00

Project Description

The Song-Breznau House Healing

Having lived in this area for over fifteen years I had become very comfortable in my home over time, but when I heard of Mindy Barne’s Gemstone House Healing I became intrigued.
It is easy to miss the subtler aspects of our environments when we are unable to “see” the modalities which are incorporated in shifting them towards the better, but the difference between the before and after energy of Mindy’s work was profound! Her healing package has made all the difference in not only how the house feels but how I feel in it.
Her elegant presentation included in-depth information and the stone placement was simple to understand and follow, making the entire process easy to implement.
Rather than just being a comfortable home it’s energetically invigorating to be living here now! THANK YOU Mindy!