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Project Description

The Morin House Healing

I have used various metaphysical and healing modalities over the past 25 years.
I brought my son to see Mindy and was so impressed with how she worked with him that I decided to make an appointment for myself. The work Mindy did with me was very powerful. During one of these visits I inquired about all of stones in her office, and that’s when I learned about Gemstone House Healing. This is not something I would imagine myself doing. I have never been drawn to working with stones. However, I was very drawn to working with Mindy, so I requested and assessment. The result of findings, blew me away. There were issues in the home and with our family that I had already been working on diligently by putting money and time into other therapies and modalities of healing in order to shift some very stuck and negative energy. Nothing I did was proving successful or brought forward movement.

The assessment Mindy created for me nailed our issues and how I was feeling. We had been in our home for a couple of years, and even though our neighborhood was better and the house was bigger and we liked our new community, we were less happy and healthy than we used to be in our old home.

I decided to lake a leap of faith and proceed with the Gemstone House Healing. That was 3 months ago. There has NOT been even one moment of regret since I received the stones and report.

The first thing I noticed is every member of the family started saying out loud how much they loved our house. We started appreciating the home so much more. All of our family members have shifted in huge ways which I could not have anticipated. Things aren’t all perfect and easy now. They have simply shifted and become healthier.

Before I had this House Healing done, I felt a level of despondency and hopelessness. I felt trapped and wanted out of my marriage. Now, I feel much more powerful. I am taking better care of myself and my family. When I do take care of my family, I am shifting into doing so from a more loving place. The changes in these three months have been so significant, I have a new respect for their power. This is a tremendous gift to give to yourself and your family.

Simone Morin