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Project Description

The McDowell House Healing

Mindy Barnes – House Healer Extraordinaire

I first met Mindy Barnes on the recommendation of two health professionals that I deeply respect—our family physician and my naturopath. It turns out that was one of the best things that happened to me! Mindy is truly GIFTED in many areas, and has helped me personally and has helped to heal my home environment.

Mindy’s research of my Victorian home blueprints, surveying the premises, and subsequent dowsing and stone placement was so very thorough and professional. I received an extensive report and layout and all of the stones and instructions needed to properly redirect the energy of my three generation family home in a healthful and energetic way. There were some energies from the “past” understandably in a home 100 years old and Mindy immediately picked up on those, explained what was happening, and moved out what was no longer needed or wanted.

Funny thing happened—when I was going to place the stones, I had an unfortunate pipe burst in the home and subsequently have entered remediation of the mold and water damage caused by this and previous undetected leaks. I haven’t place the stones in my home and have moved to my daughter’s home to await the renovation, taking the stones with me. I look forward to implementing Mindy’s recommended energetic plan once the repairs are completed.

IN THE MEANTIME, I placed these stones in the bedroom where I am living temporarily and VOILA! I am experiencing more mental clarity and joy by them just being in my room! I feel much more open to spirit and it has helped me to see my life from the Creative standpoint and not just what is seen to the human eye. I can see a lot of cooperative components coming together now to assist my happy outcome. I believe the stones have created a supportive and open energetic environment in which I can thrive.

Last year, if someone had told me I would be working with a dowser and a healer of homes I would have scoffed at the idea. Instead, I am grateful to my doctor and naturopath for sending me to Mindy as it was one of the best things I have ever done! I will always have Mindy heal and work the homes I will occupy from this day forward. Mindy’s unique gifts are evident to everyone who is blessed to work with her.

Janie McDowell