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Project Description

The Lockwood House Healing

Our family cannot thank you enough for the healing energy and balance that we all felt in our little home that rests over a ton of water as it is at the base of a hill with a year round creek running in front of it always, and under it in the winter time. Mindy was invited to share her awesome healing talent with us and our newly purchased house at an extremely difficult time in all of our lives as my eldest son at 25 years young lost his life saving his younger brother and their girlfriends after leaving a lounge in San Francisco when a crazy, drunk man stabbed my beautiful son in his brave heart.

I personally have experienced many cosmic encounters with my son in our home ever since this house was cleansed and re-energized with the healing stones and energy the salt lamps neutralize.

We will without hesitation call on Mindy to douse our next home with her healing stones and energy work again and again as needed. As a family, we are more connected and open towards each other and we love the energy of our home.

Wendy D’Arcy and Brent Lockwood