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Project Description

The Larsen House Healing

As soon as I walked into our home after Mindy healed it and the stones were placed, I felt a calm energy and a feeling of peace and hominess. I absolutely love having all the stones around my house. It feels very grounding. The kids love it as well. The kids help us clean the stones on a regular basis. I’ve noticed that having dust free stones really does help improve the energy. Our home feels more grounded and peaceful. We really enjoy coming home at the end of a long workday. The kids have started sleeping better since the elimination of geopathic stress in the home.

Mindy is adept, efficient, knowledgable, and the report she writes helps us understand the details of the house healing that she provides. We would most Certainly have Mindy perform a house healing on the next house that we move into. It is a great inverstment for bringing harmony to the home.

Melissa Larsen