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Project Description

The Gamma Barn Healing

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mindy for the Gemstone Healing that she performed on our barn to help our beloved pony, Whiskey. Whiskey had been diagnosed with severe gastric ulcers with no causes being identified. They were affecting his daily life making him very painful and unhappy. After thousands of dollars of vet bills and a feeling of helplessness, a friend recommended that we contact Mindy. She quickly assessed the situation, evaluating Whiskey, our barn and our property. Mindy was able to identify the cause of his emotional distress. Her skills as a Dowser are exceptional, as she spoke of things that were in the past that I had never mentioned before. She addressed the issues on our property and carried out a Gemstone Healing on our barn. Mindy gave us a complete report of her findings as well as specific stones to place in certain areas of our barn. She also prescribed two different flower remedies for Whiskey to speed up his healing process. Immediately, there was a change, not only in him, but the rest of our animals. A very quiet peace seemed to exist that was not there before. Whiskey is now back to his old self, happy and laid back. He is busy being a best friend to and 8 year old girl and helping her gain her confidence as a young rider.

I would most definitely recommend Mindy to anyone looking to make their home, barn or property be the best that it can be. Mindy has provided us a service that literally was life changing, both for us and our pony.

Allison, Gia and Whiskey Gamma