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Project Description

Farrell Family House & Property Healing

Thank you for providing an alternative source of healing for our family. Over the last several years we have been through many changes including teenagers moving into adulthood, business challenges and health issues.

We built our home in 2006 with our 4 young children in love.

Recently, we felt a need to recreate a home with a new energy that allows each to grow independently as adults but to feel welcomed and safe upon their return.

Reading our report was exciting and validating. The archetypes helped us to understand each other at a deeper level. The stones are beautiful and after the placements within the house the energy shifted for our higher purpose.

One of the major shifts we experienced after Mindy healed our home was we were finally able to clear out 30 years of “stuff” and get organized!

Another was physically healing. This is ongoing but learning how to persevere physically and emotionally and live again while doing the things that we love and make us happy through the challenges of health issues is now a reality. Embracing a new movement forward in life is a big change.

As with any change it does not come without challenges, but with faith, hope and love we grow. Mindy provides this service with Love for the greatest possible outcome for those who seek to improve. I can honestly say we are growing.

If we ever move again I will definitely use Mindy to clear and bring the right energetic shift for our family.

Thank You, The Farrell Family