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WE ARE CONSTANTLY SURROUNDED by energy and that energy can have profound effects on our mental and physical health. You can often feel this energy as soon as you enter a room. You’ve probably experienced that “creepy” feeling in a space, or conversely, an immediate feeling of warmth and contentment.

The Gemstone House Healing process employs a range of healing modalities to elevate and maintain your home’s energy frequency to create balance within your space. Once Mindy has helped your home achieve its optimal frequency, you and your family will benefit from the  energetic support it provides so that you can attain your goals and create the life you desire.

What you will receive:

  • Free dowsing for frequency/quote

  • Geopathic stress identification & solutions

  • Feng shui enhancements

  • Archetype identification

  • Raising the frequency of each room

  • Detailed report of findings

  • Stone order

  • One on one summary meeting with Mindy

  • Follow up support

Free Dowsing for Frequency

It starts with a complimentary custom Gemstone House Healing dowsing. All that is required is a photo of your home and a physical address. Mindy will use this information to determine the average existing frequency of your home and also the unique goal frequency that will provide the most benefit to those living there.

Request Free Dowsing for Frequency


After receiving your complimentary frequency dowsing, a detailed quote can be provided.

Geopathic Stress Identification & Solutions

Geopathic Stress is the presence of various types of energetic toxicity that adversely affect the health of humans and animals alike by requiring that the body expend its resources and energy in healing the damage caused by the disruption. This can include:

  • Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR): comprised of unhealthy levels of naturally occurring and man-made electrical frequencies.
  • Emotional Imprints: negative energy that has not been released and is attached to a space, or item within the space.
  • Ghosts: mental imprints of spirits that have not fully moved on.

Mindy will identify the Geopathic Stress that is existing in your home and recommend/provide solutions to fix and heal those problems.

Feng Shui Enhancements

A healthy home has 9 Feng Shui areas. Gemstone House Healing will identify if your home has any missing or diminished areas and will provide solutions of how to represent all nine areas to their fullest potential. Each Feng Shui area will have stones placed within them. These stones will support you to face and overcome the challenges you are experiencing in the corresponding areas of your life. (more information will be provided in your detailed quote)

Archetype Identification

Mindy will also be able to tell you the specific Archetypes that you personally work with as they affect various areas of your life. Archetypes are energetic constructs of psychological life roles, such as the Queen, Artist, Hero and Teacher. They are born of the collective consciousness and dwell within our subconscious until we coax them to the surface of our awareness. Working with one’s archetypes as they present themselves in our lives is rich and rewarding work in self-discovery.

For example: How helpful would it be to know the Archetypes who help you with your career or romantic relationships?

Raising the Frequency of Each Room

Mindy will dowse to determine the exact combinations of stones that will raise the frequency of each room in such a way that the specific needs of the people living in the house are addressed.

For example: Perhaps you struggle with meeting your goals and making your way in the world. Some of the stones placed in your home will provide the healing energy you need to gain some clarity and break through your blocks so you can live the life you know you are meant to live.

Detailed Report of Findings

This very detailed report will spell out all of the information that Mindy has discovered during the extensive dowsing process, including the healing qualities of every type of stone that will be placed in your home. This report is an excellent resource that you can turn to again and again in order to gain clarity and insight into how best to navigate your life and make your dreams a reality.

Stone Order

Along with your Report, you will receive your beautifully organized Stone Order and easy to follow directions on how to place your stones. Don’t worry! This is an easy and fun part of the process.

One On One Summary Meeting with Mindy

After you’ve placed your stones, Mindy will follow up with a 20 min call via phone or video conference to discuss your personal themes and how best to work with your stones to meet your goals and live your life to the fullest. You’ll also receive your themes in the mail with a personal note from Mindy.

Follow Up Support

Your journey doesn’t end here. Gemstone House Healing will be there to support your by reaching out periodically with insights and suggestions for how to go about making your most cherished dreams and goals come true.

9 Stones For Peace, Abundance and Joy

Contact Mindy for a free dowsing and quote

Call 530-306-7920 or email mindybarnes@gemstonehousehealing.com

What about my Business, Barn, Property, Apartment and College Dorm Room?

Yes! House healings are not limited to only houses. Mindy also works with Apartments and College Dorm Rooms. Using all the same principles and methodologies, Mindy can bring balance and empower you with the tools for success for your Business.

Likewise, you can help your animals and the people who work with them to achieve a level of peace and contentment with a Gemstone Barn Healing and Gemstone Property Healing.

“We are really happy with the house and property healing that Mindy did. We had experienced a lot of turmoil with the horses. She identified one main issue near the barn and once clear, the horses are happier and healthier.”