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What is Dowsing?

As a dowser, I see myself as a gatherer and translator of useful information. Magic, it is not, although at times it feels downright miraculous, which is probably why we’ve been practicing this art for thousands of years. One of my favorite archaeological discoveries involving dowsing is located in the Tassili Caves of North Africa and dates back 8,000 years. It is a huge mural depicting a man dowsing for water with a forked branch, surrounded by his admiring tribesmen. Yes, my brothers of long ago, dowsing is fascinating, both for the dowser and the observer.

Today, dowsers are employed for many reasons. Some locate materials such as crude oil, precious metals, gemstones, and natural gas, to name a few.

Some specialize in finding lost people and items. This is not my area of expertise but I find it fascinating and did once have a friend lose an iguana in my house, which really freaked me out, so I decided to dowse for his big lizardy whereabouts. Both my results and those of another dowser indicated that he had made it to the neighbor’s yard but had not managed to survive the cold nighttime temperatures. While it was sad and I would have prefered to find him alive and well, I have to say, as the mother of a toddler, my mind was put at ease knowing that he was not hiding somewhere in my house.

Some dowsers gather information. Much of this is intended for healing purposes such as dowsing for food allergies, and natural remedies.

Each dowser tends to specialize in one or more areas where they resonate strongly with the subject or material.

How does dowsing work?

When dowsing a client, the first thing I do is ground myself and bring my mind into a state of neutrality and curiosity. I tune into their energy around the issue and begin gathering information by asking a series of yes/no questions. The pendulum moves the way it does because of the micromovements in my arm that I am not aware of, nor can I control. It is the energy of the client that affects the movement of the pendulum. Dowsing bypasses my brain, which thinks it’s rather smart, and gets the answers directly from the client. This is incredibly valuable because two people can have the same problem, but how they got there and what they need for healing will be completely unique to them. I appreciate dowsing because it takes away the guesswork and tunes into the client for the answers. If you listen, the client will always show the way.

Map dowsing

Map dowsing provides us with a way to ask for information pertaining to people, places and things that are remotely located. This type of dowsing is an advanced skill that saves time, effort and money. Using maps, photographs, and floor-plans are a few of the common ways to map dowse. Over time, experience has proven that these maps energetically represent the real life places and people they depict.

When I can’t dowse my clients in person, on the phone or video conference, I will map dowse using a photo of the person. This is particularly helpful when a mom is able to leave her toddler or baby at home, by bringing in a photograph of the child for me to work with. Likewise, I always dowse animals, such as horses, cows, dogs, and cats in this way. For a while I worked with a young man who was suffering with schizophrenia. There was no way he would have been comfortable coming to my office for help. Instead I dowsed using his picture and mailed his remedies to his home.

I do Gemstone House Healing for my clients by map dowsing simple hand-drawn floor plans. This way, I can can work efficiently and safely with houses and people all over the world.

The one time I traveled to a home to dowse it, I deeply regretted doing so. While I enjoyed visiting her beautiful home, I soon realized that dowsing on site was an overwhelming experience. One of the first things I detected was the ghost of a man who was inhabiting the master walk-in closet and was disturbing my client’s ability to get a good night sleep.

Interested in what his story was, I tuned into his energy and asked to be enlightened as to what had happened to him. Moments later, I experienced the worst headache of my life. It seems he had died of sudden, unexpected head trauma on his way into town for supplies. Yikes! That intensity wasn’t going to be sustainable for me.

On a more mellow note, I also noticed how much longer it took me to do my work, as I was often distracted by the lovely family themselves and their super sweet dogs and cats.

Today, I better serve my clients and my own well-being by map dowsing at my office. Time and time again, my clients comment on how accurate my map dowsing is.

“Mindy’s skills are top notch. She even identified a stressed out husband moving about the property! The healing even relaxed him a notch or two, and helped to improve our relationship. The report Mindy wrote with the themes and stones needed really resonated with our situation. I can’t thank Mindy enough for the work she does. It has helped me understand and improve our little slice of Paradise.”
~ Susan

“In the process of helping my son, I could immediately tell that Mindy was an intuitive person and I requested a house healing. The report Mindy provided and our conversation about the themes she found in our home were spot on, and addressed the very issues I wanted to improve! She even knew that my husband is a spiritually powerful person and I hadn’t told her anything about him – she hadn’t even met him yet!”
~ Stacey

“The assessment Mindy created for me nailed our issues and how I was feeling.”
~ Simone

“Mindy’s skills as a Dowser are exceptional, she spoke of things that were in the past that I had never mentioned before.”
~ Allison

Mindy’s dowsing experience

I’ve been dowsing since 2004. I really started my dowsing practice with a 10 week dowsing course I took with a local teacher. I found that it really helped me find answers and clarity in my own life and soon I began dowsing my clients for flower remedies. With all of the practice I was getting I soon became an advanced dowser. Today, I can’t imagine my life without dowsing. It has simply become a part of who I am.

I had my first experience with dowsing many years ago when a friend showed me how to locate the shallow water lines below my vegetable garden. He quickly fashioned two 1 foot lengths of ordinary metal wire into L-shaped rods. Loosely holding the short leg of the wires in my fists, I walked around my garden, and sure enough, the wires would move toward each other and cross over the spots where the pipes where located. I was thrilled!

Tools for dowsing

We dowsers also tend to have a favorite type of dowsing tool. Some of the common tools are L- shaped dowsing rods, forked branches, and the pendulum.

I’ve been using the same pendulum for over a decade and let me tell you, it’s been through a lot. The chain broke and had to be replaced. The silver plating is long gone and the bone horse bead that bookends the chain is missing one of his eyes. The longer we are together, the more attached I become. It’s hard to explain, but each time I pull that pendulum out and hold it in my hand, I experience a deep sensation that inspires a core place within me to quietly settle.

No matter what or how we dowse, when we do it with respectful and honorable intentions, the true essence of dowsing is connection.