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REQUEST YOUR COMPLIMENTARY DOWSING Using the form below, send Mindy a photo of the front of the dwelling you wish healed, along with its physical address. Using the photo you provided, Mindy will dowse your dwelling to determine its current and goal energy frequencies.

Your Gemstone House Healing will provide you with:

  • Free dowsing for frequency/quote

  • Geopathic stress identification & solutions

  • Feng shui enhancements

  • Archetype identification

  • Raising the frequency of each room

  • Detailed report of findings

  • Stone order

  • One on one summary meeting with Mindy

  • Follow up support

Fill out the form below for your complimentary dowsing — takes 2 minutes

If you do not see a “Thank You…” message below after hitting the send button your submission has not been received.

“In the process, we not only learned about our home but about ourselves as well. Because of Mindy’s healing work, our home is better, our lives are better.”
D. Bustamante
9 Stones For Peace, Abundance and Joy

Contact Mindy for a free dowsing and quote

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